Monday, October 21, 2013

New Poetry: Scream

Scream where no one hears me
Scream until the tears stop running down my cheeks
Scream until all the anger is gone
Scream until all the saddness has left my body
Scream until my throat is raw and red
Scream until my voice is gone
Scream until I can't no more
Making me collapse to ground

2013 Jennifer Dante

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Its here!!!! Pieces of a Broken Soul by Jennifer Dante

Debut Book by Jennifer Dante


Pieces of a Broken Soul

Category: Poetry, Erotic

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Pieces of a broke soul is the first book by Jennifer Dante that tells a journey about the author's life dealing with heart breaks and death while trying to find love and attempting to pick up the pieces of her life. She  hopes that her poems connect with each of the readers in some way.



Arms pinned above my head
His hard body molded perfectly against my soft curves
Heavy breathing along my skin ,goose bumps appear across my flesh
His husky voice coated with lust speaking my name
My legs part with ease for him


The day you walked into my life
You came in like hurricane
whisking me off my feet.
You caught my tears
wiping them off my cheeks
My heart slowly healed itself
You picked up the pieces
Putting it back together for me
I started to smile again


Like the devil himself
Like the devil himself
Creeps upon you.
Slowing, digging its fingers
Preying on
My heart slowly healed itself
You picked up the pieces
Putting it back together for me
weak of hearts

About the Author

Jennifer was born and raised in Maryland. She is a single mother of a very active seven year boy who is her heart. As a little girl, growing up Jennifer found a love in art in high school and it continued thou college. Her love of the arts has never stopped and about three years, she entered the world of writing. She met a few women that shared similar interest with her and have created stories together for their own amusement. With much encouragement from those women, she decided venture out and show the world her with publishing her very first book.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

News: Poem book coming soon!

Its been a LONG time coming, my book of poems is finally done, just have to do a few fine details. In just a few days, Ill announce the release day and the cover...Stay tuned for more

A special thanks to everyone that helped and encouraged me to do this.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Souls Around the World Blog Hop

I racked my mind on what to write about, then it came me, ghosts. Yes you heard me right, ghosts. My family has been in touch with them and even two ghosts my aunt and uncle who passed away many years ago, haunt their daughter and husband who just so happens to live in their house and my uncle actually died there.

A few months ago my cousin told us somethings have been happening in the house, pictures being moved, she could smell my uncles cologne near her, and my aunt has actually appeared to my cousin's husband three times now, once she was even in bed lying with them. My aunt was worried her youngest daughter wouldn't be taken care of, and we think that is why she is appearing more so than my uncle. My cousin has found a great guy but who knows why she still hasn't passed on.

My brother works for the National Park Service and has worked at my park sites that have been claimed to be haunted and have come across hearing noises, footsteps, things being dropped but nothing like my cousin has experience.

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