Sunday, April 28, 2013

"Take all the sharp stuff out the house"- My Inspirations

"I kinda feel like I should take all the sharp stuff out the house" was a quote for my friend after reading my last poem "Walk Over Me". I thought it was rather funny he said this me because looking over all the poems I have written they are rather dark and a few sexual. None of them are rather happy poems.  I have been referred to as a "gothic" but I'm far from that.  Yes I like "dark" things but looking at my appearance  you could not tell that about me .

My inspirations for my poems are rather personal.  I would say about eighty percent of them come from a feeling or situation I am going through in my every day life.  Other than my every day life, I would say songs and pictures influence me as well. I could be listening to a song and catch a line in a song that  compels me to write . Below are two examples of how I came to write the poem.

This poem was inspired by an image I had seen. I thought of myself and my own actions in this poem and thought every girl could relate to it when she fells down and unwanted.

She's not perfect but She's worth it
She can be impatient
She can be insecure
She can make mistakes
She's not perfect but She's worth it
She will be a shoulder to cry on
She will be a ear to listen
She will be a shelter
She's not perfect but She's worth it
She can be forgetful
She can worry too much
She can forget to love herself
She's not perfect but She's worth it
She will make sure you are loved
She will make sure you are happy
She will make sure you are appreciated
She's not perfect but She's worth it
She has her faults
She see's herself damaged
She will always wish could be more
She's not perfect but She's worth it

2013 Jennifer Dante

This poem was inspired by the saying "Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder". I never understood that expression and myself have and still do struggle with body image and how I look, wonder how someone who looks at you could completely see something different

Is it true, the beauty in the eye of the beholder?
What if the beholder is oneself?
Does the rule still apply or just to someone looking them?

Stripped away and free of the makeup
The label you wear on your body
The hair pulled back in the simple ponytail

What do you see when looking down yourself
Or in your reflection in the mirror

Do you see a flat stomach?
Do you see alittle extra around the hips?
Do you have "tiger stripes" from the birth of your children

What if you see yourself differently from what people say?
What do you say to them?
Thank you or no I do not agree?

Do you tear up seeing your reflection
wanting to hide yourself from everyone
Due to a false body image
Thinking you are not worth it

When I look at my reflection
I see scars, both on my skin and invisible ones
I see an imperfect body
Wishing i could scrub away the imperfections

When I look at my reflection
I see my grandmothers nose
Plain thick brown hair, the tips kissing my shoulders
Eyes color of mud, at times are lifeless

When I look at my reflection
I see my own tiger stripes that gave my son life
Hips that brought him forth to the world
Thick thighs on short muscle legs

Is this reflection true?
Its hard to say
Maybe you can tell me if I'm wrong?

2013 Jennifer Dante

Saturday, April 27, 2013


Weak of minds
Jealousy starts its work
planting false ideas
playing on insecurities
until nothing but ruins are left
the damage already done

It moves onto another victim

2013 Jennifer Dante

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sunday, April 14, 2013

How it all started

I was told by my good friend Ashley Nemer said I should start blogging , so here am I .So for my first blog I decided to talk about how I came into writing . In middle school I had an assignment to write a story and I remember watching some mystery movie about a mirror on TV. I cant remember all the details about it however I based my story on the movie.  It was about a mirror in a attic and a group of teenagers. I did receive an letter grade of an A on the story. Since I received such good feed back on that story, I wrote a another one about a child wishing for a toy that was in a window of a store.

Last night while was I trying to find both stories I had written, knowing I had kept them when  I came across another story i had written I believe in high school.  It was called East Coast. I had about 12 pages back and forth hand written on the story.  I also had done a power point thing, listing both main and sub characters that included their names, ages, looks, relationship status and so forth. I had laugh at all the details I put into it because now as I'm writing a short story, my organization for it was so different now.

Until Next Time...