Thursday, July 25, 2013

Erotic Musings: "Last Encounter"

A young woman has recalls her last encounter with her lover, having bits of flash backs of it.

It had been days since she last saw her lover but it felt like months. She needed him like bees needed honey.  Craving the touch of his callous hands against her silky soft skin making her body shiver in delight.  She missed his scent against her own skin, absorbing her. Heat flushed her body creeping up her body from her painted red toes to her cheeks, thinking about their last encounter and tonight would be no different.  She could already feel her body yearn for him.

After showering making her creamy skin soft and pretty, she chose his favorite lingerie with its matching garter belt.  She didn't bother with the panties, they had been ripped from between her legs the first time she worn them for him. 

Sitting back against the head board, she sits with her legs bent at the knee and parted.  She could already feel a pool of wetness starting to coat her folds. Closings her eyes, her fingers walk down her body first stopping at her breasts to roll and pinch the pearl pink buds between her fingers. After making her nipples stand at attention, she moves down between her legs. One hand parting her folds open, my other hand begins to stroke the sensitive folds, lightly teasing her nub that same way her lover would of done it.

Feeling his chest against mines
the light fine hairs teasing my skin
A palm wraps around my neck
our lips meet in a heated, hungry kiss
tongues battling each other for dominance

His hardness thick,
firm and hot in my hand
Pushing the knob to my entrance
coating with it my cream

My velvet wall gives way to him
Slowly easing his way inside of me
The strokes are slow and soft
Then become hard, forceful

His teeth sink into the shoulder
Sending a tremor down my back
Hands digging to the flesh of my hips

Movements becoming quicker

Our bodies slick with sweat
His rough tongue laps at my harden nipples
He pushes my body to the edge
His name falling from my lips

Her body now laying against the bed, her legs wide part while her hand hasty rubs her swollen bud.  Cream coating the outside of her inner thighs, she screams his name at the same time her body shakes from the orgasm. She removes her hand from the sensitive flesh while coming down off the high of the personal orgasm.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Book Blog Hop 7/12

How long have you been blogging?

I created the blog late December 2012. I posted a few poems but not really pushing it until a friend suggested that I should. Around April 2013 is when I really started posting on about various things and then soon after hopped on the weekly blog hops. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wordless Wednesdays 7/10

New Poetry: Connection

A connection, spark
I wish for that
to have with someone
a friend, lover
the label doesn't matter

A wish to have this one person
who will comfort me when I'm upset
who will love me when I feel alone
and accept for me, flaws and all

They would know me
inside and out
They know what kind of mood
just by the sound of my voice
the words I speak

They would know what I need
before I say it
No matter the time of day
they are waiting for me
with open arms

To be open and bare my soul
with my desires, wishes and wants
I long for that

2013 Jennifer Dante

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wordless Wednesday 7/3

Happy 4th of July. This is a pic of my son on his second 4th of July Holiday. He was 14 months old.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sneak Peek : "Weekend Getaway"

This picture inspired a new short story I'm currently writing . Below is a sample of it. 

Her mind was dizzy being so close to him, inhaling his masculine scent of spices and musk. Lella's eyes took the sight of him, stalking to towards his prey, her back hitting against the cool tile in the bathroom. He stood in front of her bare chest, jeans low on his lips,

"You know you want me Lella" He tugged on her ear lobe "Let me touch you, I know you are wondering what it is like to be under me. I can bring such a pleasure no other one could."

"Why do you think that? I'm not some woman you can seduce with your tattoos and muscles." She lied through her teeth, she had imagined that and much more making her panties wet. Lella bit on the inside of her mouth trying not to moan out feeling the sting of his bite.

"Your body is giving you away. You are breathing hard, your nipples are peaking out begging to be groped. I bet if I slide my hand between those long legs of yours, I will be greeted by slick folds." Marcus pressed his body against hers. Marcus dipped his head in the curve of her neck, she smelled sweet and tangy making his cock harden under these jeans.

"Cocky as always Marcus, you want to add a notch to your bed post, go ahead but it's not me." her breath hitched in her throat, watching him slowly unzipping his jeans, showing her just where the dark happy trail led to underneath the jeans.

2013 Jennifer Dante