Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Surprise

I had just finished a jog along the shore of the beach. My smooth silky skin gleamed in the sun light, as I walked up the path from the beach to my deck. I grabbed the towel off the rail and began to wiping down my body. I brush over my each arm, then bending down to do each leg. Standing back up, lifting my shirt off and over my head; I brush over my abs and up and down my chest. I sweep towel down and inside my sports bra walking in side. Rolling my shoulders, I begin to stretch my limbs out, my body felt stiff and achy.

Padding inside the house, I remove my clothing, leaving a trail to the bathroom. A long hot shower was what I needed. Entering the bathroom, I turned on the shower letting steam from the water fill up the room. Pushing the shower back I stepped inside and under the overhead, letting the hot water run down my body, following the dips and curves of my body. A smile spreads across my face, memories of the last time I was in this shower. I was down on my knees, gunner’s fingers in my hair as I sucked on his cock. My hands now drifted over my harden buds, I rolled and pinched them between my fingers. I could feel the heat spread across my body, the ache between my legs starting. I had to stop myself, I wanted to ready when he got home. I finished up my shower and dressed in a wife beater, not bothering with a bra and boy shorts.

I was about to order some take out when I hear a knock at the door. I wondered who it could be. Opening the door, I see a young woman with a folding table and bag over her shoulder.

“Ms. Rhea?” said the girl. “Yes, can I help you?” I leaned against the door way, she was a cute little thing. “I’m Quiao from the Golden Dragon Spa. Today is your in home massage” she said walking pass me and inside the house. I closed the door and was puzzled that it wasn't time but I thought what the hell, she was here and my muscles were still sore and achy. I followed her in the living room where she was already setting up. I walked into the kitchen to grab a bottle of water, entering the living room, the curtains were drawn, lights out and candles lit. As my eyes followed around the room, I saw she was now wearing a silk room that open showing the sides of her perky breasts. In a second she was disrobing me and I was helped onto my stomach.

Her warm hands parted my legs a bit as she worked on my calf muscles, kneading and rubbing them. She took her time before making her way up the backs of my thighs. I could feel my pussy twitch, the brush of her fingers just inside my thighs close enough to my folds. Her hands left my legs and rub my back and shoulders; I let a moan escape my lips at how good her hands felt against my skin. Her hands swept down my sides, feeling the tips of her fingers brush my breasts, at the moment I felt them harden against the towel I was laying on. I never got so turned by a massage before, I could smell my arousal in the air and if I could, so could she. “Please turn over Ms. Rhea” she said and when I did, I was met seeing her naked standing next the table.

My lips parted seeing the sight and next think I knew her lips were against my own, her hands roaming over my body, making way to my legs. Her small had parted them, her fingers meeting my moist folds. We broke off the kiss, kissing her way down my body. Quiao’s mouth was sin against my nipples, her tongue swirled around the harden buds, gently sucking them making them stand at attention. Quiao then moved like a cat hopping on up on the table, she moved my legs to bend at the knee. “You need help Ms. Rhea” Said Quiao. I held my breath as I was met with the teasing of Quiao fingers, moving up and down the opening of my folds, in a second the fingers where gone and I felt the tip of her tongue doing the same motion as her fingers just did. So her mouth was on my pussy, lapping of my juices that were welcoming her. Quiao teeth nipped and played at my clit, again her fingers slide inside to the knuckles. I let out a moan as she found my g-spot. My body jerked and arched off the table, Quiao stroke my g-spot , her fingers curling against me, my walls pushing against her fingers, I knew it was a matter of minutes. I felt her purr against me, knowing my juices were filling her mouth up. It was all over with, her mouth latched on to my clit sucking on it hard, her fingers thrusting in and out a slip of her thumb in side my ass and my body exploded from the orgasm. I finally came down off the height of my orgasm as I heard something from behind me. I sat up to see Quiao licking my juices off her fingers.

“Hello candy girl” said Gun. I jerked my head to the left seeing them standing there in the living room, stroking his hard cock. “Did you enjoy your present” He said to me and the only thing I could do was shake my head yes.