Monday, June 24, 2013

New Poetry: Yearn


Staring at a picture of my once lover
his green sparkling eyes
a smile that makes me melt

I think back when we were last together
submitting my body and mind
into your hands for a night of
unforgettable lust

does he know how hungry I am for him 
how his fading scent sets me on fire
making my throat dry, my knees weak

does he ache for me in carnal ways
does he grope his growing cock 
fantasizing about me, us

Imagining his slow firm movements 
my own swollen nub enticing my touch
thinking about his cock breaching me

does he lust after me like I do for him
my lust for him takes over 
filling me with desire 

I tremble at these thoughts
Hearing him whispering my name 
in my mind,coming together in union

Thoughts of you still make me burn
yearn for your touch
wishing we never parted ways

2013 Jennifer Dante

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