Monday, June 17, 2013

New Poetry: A Special View

A Special View

I sit across from you in a chair, 
naked, defenseless, stripped of clothing
I should feel embarrassed
but watching your eyes gloss over bare body
I see the lust in your eyes, it sends a shiver down my spine
The lick of you lips, as if you are already tasting my honey from between my legs

I play a game with you, feeling a new bold confidence you have given me.
A wicked smile adorn my pink lips
A finger travels down the side of my neck, to the right breast
encircling the pretty pink pearl, making it standing at attention
Repeating the same movement on the left breast

My eyes look across the room to him
He adjusted the rising bugle under the  stretched zipper of his slacks
His eyes watching my hands calculated movements
 I begin to play with myself

Licking my index finger, my hands moved between my parted legs
Opening up the swollen folds, I slide a finger down catching the honey
A moan pass my lips, a deep growl from his
The sensitive bud grows, wetness coating my fingers
Giving you a private show of intimate act

Looking across the room, you were giving me show of your own
Pants, moans, calling out each others name
In a frenzy, we both pleasured ourselves alone
before coming together as one to repeat

2013 Jennifer Dante

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