Sunday, September 29, 2013

New Poetry: Worth it?

I care about you...
More than I should

I like you...
More than I should

I miss you when we don't speak...
More than I should

I crave to feel your touch...
More than I should

I long to be held in your arms...
More than I should

I dislike the miles between us...
More than I should

I wish to be yours...
More than I should

I love you...
More than I should

I wonder if all of these words are worth it?

2013 Jennifer Dante

New Poetry: Sleeve

My heart
Is worn on my sleeve
At all times
Exposed to those
Who can hurt it or cherish it

Those that cherish it
Care for it like
A precious jewel or glass
Knowing it could break
Treating it with love and care
Holding it close to their own heart

Those that hurt it
Rip it from my arm
Crushing it between their hands
Blood that once gave it life
Now covers their greedy hands
Tearing into two pieces
Before placing it back
On my sleeve.

2013 Jennifer Dante

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New Poetry: Missing Piece

"This was inspired by a song given to me by my muse, Zadd-Clarity"

You came into my life by fate
You turned my world on its side
for the first time, like no one else

You make me smile when I'm sad
You make me make me laugh with your corny jokes
You figured me out like no one else
You look past all my scars and hurts to see the real me
You give me a strength when I am weak
You are my shoulder to cry on when I'm upset
You brighten my bad day 
You comfort me, when everything goes wrong

Without you, I don't know what I would do

You are my missing piece in this world.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

New Poetry :Drowning Face up

Inch by inch
She sinks down 
Into the ice cold water
Her lips slowly turning a pale shade of blue
Hands at her throat 
Trying to catch her last breath of life
Her eyes look up seeing no one
Reaching down to help her
Her arms stretch out, still seeking help
Her body gets pulled farther down
Into the depths of the ocean
Heart feels heavy as it takes its last soundly beats
No one came to rescue her 
Instead they let her drown
2013 Jennifer Dante

New Poetry: Dead Inside

A heart once filled with love and joy
Now a cold and empty
What made her once happy
Now makes her close herself
Away from the world
Pain both physical and mental pain
Consumes her every waking moment
The orange pill bottles line her night stand
Scared, for she might never come back
But she just wants to pain to stop
Only she knows her own thoughts
That crossed her mind both bad and good
She holds onto what little bit of hope she has
Through her finger tips, hoping it would save her
No one knows her full struggle
Only pieces of her she spoke about
All she feels is dead skin
The girl that use to be
Slowly fading away from existence
2013 Jennifer Dante

Saturday, September 7, 2013

New Poetry: Easy Way Out

"I'm sure most of you might now know that Sept 8-14 is National Suicide Prevention week. This poem is just about that since the subject is close to my heart"

Massive tears rolling down her already wet cheeks 
On the inside an inter turmoil raging

Her clothing is in shambles
Hair no longer perfectly in place
Her eyes swollen and blood shot
Hands shaking, head pounding
Her fists pounding the floor she sits on
Screaming out, wishing everything to go away

 Off in the corner orange bottle with a white caps tauts her
Calling her name to pick him up
Telling her a handful of pills will help ease the pain

Her arm moves to uncap the pills
spilling more than enough into her palm
A glass of water stood on the table

The pills landed in her mouth,
the water splashed in the mouth
the girl swallowed them

Still crying on the floor still, she rolled to her side
Wrapping both arms around her knees
Praying it will work, the pain will be gone

Friday, September 6, 2013

New Poetry: Eaten Alive

"This poem was inspired by someone close to my heart who sees me like no other"

When I feel like I'm being eaten up
From the inside out
And my emotions are everywhere and nowhere
and yet I feel like I'm drowning in them
I put an mask of a brave person
so no one can see how bad I'm really hurting
Smiling to those people that know me
When all I do is feel like crap
Wanting to make myself invisible to everyone
Because no one understands my feelings, my emotions
No one understands what is like to feel
Like one standing on the edge ready to give up everything
To say goodbye to those that know me forever
When all I really want is someone to truly loves me
Sees what a mess a I truly am and have been for awhile
To gather me up into their arms and stay next to me
Until I am healed