Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New Poetry: In Heat

In Heat

His hot breath against my heated skin. Beads of sweat dripping between my supple breasts.  The room was thick with heat, and lust. Locks of my hair tangled up in knots, pressed against my skin. 
My erect peaks pushing through the flimsy cotton bra, begging for his attention. In a swift motion, he rips away the rest of my scantily clad clothing, leaving me naked laying before him.Static electricity passes between us, awakening every sense of my body. A finger slides down the opening of my folds,  I was hot and wet from all our previous teasing. My heart starts to pulsing in my ears watching him crawl up my body with lust filled eyes. His head dips down between my legs to tease me with his tongue.  I chanted his named, begging for more of him. His skilled tongue left my clit, replacing it with his thick, hard cock. Our hips rocked together in perfect rhythm.

2013 Jennifer Dante

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