Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Fathers Day: Memories with my own Father

I wanted to share some old photos and stories about my father named Dante.  My father is a gentle old soul. He was born and raised in Italy and came over to America over 60 years ago where he met and married my mother.  He was and still is a hard work even thou he has been retired for years.  He always made sure that his three children where happy as well as his wife.  My father worked many jobs and long nights so that my mother could stay home and take care of us.  My father instilled alot of values in us growing up.  

I was the youngest and "daddy's little girl".  If mom ever said no, I went straight to him.When I was younger, I was always by his side.  Even now as an adult, I realize I much like him as parent with my own child.

My dad loved the beach, so we headed to the beach, my mom would stay behind at the trailer with my aunt and my father would pack up the car and take the ocean.

I got all "dressed up" to help my father work on the car.  As you can apparently my Big Wheel need some "fixing"

Lastly, building snowman with my father.  No matter how much snow was on the ground, he would always help me make one, carrots and all.

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