Monday, December 31, 2012


The moment one's life came into existence
Family one was raised in
Childhood best friend was the quiet person over the loud one
Attended the private over the public one
First crush one this one over that one
Went to all the high school dances but one of them
The friendships that were made and stayed
The friendships that came and left
The friendship you longed to have again
The friendship you shouldn't have but did anyways
Along with all the fights
Saying something when you shouldn't

Everything happens for a reason....

One person that was important to one,
They left when you needed them the most
One person you let get away one person you stayed with to be happy
One person that you cant live with out
One person that you hate but still stay friends with them
One person that you love secretly but never tell them

Everything happens for a reason....

Thinking about someone when you shouldn't be
Falling in love someone when you shouldn't be
Marring the wrong person over the right one
Loving the right person but also loving the wrong
Wishing you could have feelings someone else
Then one you have them for someone else

Everything happens for a reason

There is a reason for me writing this...

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