Monday, December 31, 2012

May Never

I may never have a published novel
I may never have a published story
I may never be a have a signal thing written for the whole world to see under my name
Should I care?
Maybe not?
I know I'm not one of the best out writers out there
I know my stories may not be as creative as others
I know I be the only person who is supportive of my doing
But the few words that tumble out of my mouth
mean something to me
They are words that are behind a feeling, a reason for writing them.
They are small way of expressing something that I have to let out.
Yes the words I speak might have a hidden meaning but it is to each person who reads them to find their own meaning behind it.
In the end I could be standing on a bunch meaningless words for a few people that read them
However if that is meant to be then so be.
Ill keep the dream of being published will only be just a dream

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