Monday, December 31, 2012


She is just a girl
Nothing special about her
Brown eyes and hair
Average looking

She encloses walls around her
Afraid of being hurt
For hurt is all she knows from people

She wears her emotions on her sleeve
She is loyal and loves her few to her friends
With her whole heart
Willing to do anything for anyone in need

She has been thur a lot in her short life
Cheating, lying, betrayal
She has her demons just like everyone else
Sometimes she has a hard time battling them back

She is afraid
She is jealous
She is depressed
She is weak

She wishes to be the girl that everyone knows
She wishes to be the girl that is popular
She wishes to be the girl that has lots of friends
She wishes to be the girl is not now

Her few friends might say something different
However it is hard for her to believe those words
Many times she feels alone
Afraid to speak out and ask for help
She does not like being weak

But that is all she feels at the moment
Weak and alone

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