Friday, September 6, 2013

New Poetry: Eaten Alive

"This poem was inspired by someone close to my heart who sees me like no other"

When I feel like I'm being eaten up
From the inside out
And my emotions are everywhere and nowhere
and yet I feel like I'm drowning in them
I put an mask of a brave person
so no one can see how bad I'm really hurting
Smiling to those people that know me
When all I do is feel like crap
Wanting to make myself invisible to everyone
Because no one understands my feelings, my emotions
No one understands what is like to feel
Like one standing on the edge ready to give up everything
To say goodbye to those that know me forever
When all I really want is someone to truly loves me
Sees what a mess a I truly am and have been for awhile
To gather me up into their arms and stay next to me
Until I am healed

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