Saturday, September 7, 2013

New Poetry: Easy Way Out

"I'm sure most of you might now know that Sept 8-14 is National Suicide Prevention week. This poem is just about that since the subject is close to my heart"

Massive tears rolling down her already wet cheeks 
On the inside an inter turmoil raging

Her clothing is in shambles
Hair no longer perfectly in place
Her eyes swollen and blood shot
Hands shaking, head pounding
Her fists pounding the floor she sits on
Screaming out, wishing everything to go away

 Off in the corner orange bottle with a white caps tauts her
Calling her name to pick him up
Telling her a handful of pills will help ease the pain

Her arm moves to uncap the pills
spilling more than enough into her palm
A glass of water stood on the table

The pills landed in her mouth,
the water splashed in the mouth
the girl swallowed them

Still crying on the floor still, she rolled to her side
Wrapping both arms around her knees
Praying it will work, the pain will be gone

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