Sunday, April 14, 2013

How it all started

I was told by my good friend Ashley Nemer said I should start blogging , so here am I .So for my first blog I decided to talk about how I came into writing . In middle school I had an assignment to write a story and I remember watching some mystery movie about a mirror on TV. I cant remember all the details about it however I based my story on the movie.  It was about a mirror in a attic and a group of teenagers. I did receive an letter grade of an A on the story. Since I received such good feed back on that story, I wrote a another one about a child wishing for a toy that was in a window of a store.

Last night while was I trying to find both stories I had written, knowing I had kept them when  I came across another story i had written I believe in high school.  It was called East Coast. I had about 12 pages back and forth hand written on the story.  I also had done a power point thing, listing both main and sub characters that included their names, ages, looks, relationship status and so forth. I had laugh at all the details I put into it because now as I'm writing a short story, my organization for it was so different now.

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